How to find a digital agency to help your business? (and know if they are reliable)

The modern digital agency is on the move and fast becoming one of the most efficient departments in any company. It is no secret that more companies are leaning towards using digital agencies to handle their business communications. And with good reason. A digital agency will provide you with an entire gamut of communication tools that will help you communicate with your clients in innovative ways or do some tasks for you, such as social media management, SEO, or any other digital service.

But how do you start? How do you get your name on the list of potential digital agencies that are out there looking to work with you? (because remember, real agencies will be selective and work with you if they think they can add value to your services). The first step in answering these questions is to find a digital agency to work with. There are a variety of different avenues you can choose to pursue in order to find a digital agency that will meet your specific needs. Here are some suggestions:

Join social networking sites

There are a lot of different social networking sites out there, and there is probably a digital agency out there whose website you might want to check out. You can use these websites as a starting point in getting your foot in the door. By joining these sites you will have a chance to network with other digital agencies that may be interested in providing you with their services, using yours or team-up to merge skills.

But just be sure that you do a thorough background check on the agency to make sure that they are not a fraud. Because, if reliable agencies should screen their clients or partners, you should be doing the same, of course.


How do you know if a digital agency is reliable?

Make a cold call.

If making a cold call seems like too much hassle, you may want to consider hiring a telemarketer. These people are often times cheaper than most full-time employees at digital agencies and it does work to your advantage. Just be sure that whoever you hire is qualified to handle your account. A reputable digital agency will have applicants go through a background check and will conduct a check on disciplinary actions to see if you want to hire that particular person.

Research the digital agency employers

There are a number of blogs and articles out there written by people who have worked at different digital agencies. By reading these helpful articles you will be better informed of the ins and outs of being an employee at such an organization. This reflects also on how the agency will handle their clients and their team work efficiency.

Do a technology check

Try to find out what kind of technology the digital agency works with. There is no sense in working with someone who doesn’t use the most up to date software. Also if you find out that the digital agency doesn’t work with social media, you might want to reconsider them. It’s always easier to work with those with whom you can communicate online rather than those cold or distant figures.

Get to know them, personally

Get to know the staff. Once you get to know the people who work for you will start to see the traits that they possess that make them so good at what they do. It is important to keep the lines of communication open as much as possible so that there can be open lines of communication between you. If there are problems, you should find ways to solve them and quickly.

This is a big one. Find out how much time the digital agency employees spend working on their own projects. Are they spending too much time on theirs? Do you need any proof that the company is doing what it claims it is doing?

Bottom line

Follow these simple but powerful steps and you can be assured that you can find a successful digital agency that will help you scale your business. Don’t take this research process lightly, because it could be the difference between success and failure…or between small success and large success. Take your time.

But…don’t get over obsessed over research as it would be time and cost wasting. Go for it and see how it goes. If you will find yourself changing agency, that is not the end of the world. Failing and new attempts are part of everyday’s life.

In the end, you also need to put your trust in someone who is willing to show you the right way. Look for a strong company that has years of experience. One that is growing and expanding. You want to work with people who you feel good about. They should be your best source for getting important work done, every single day.

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