How to click perfect photos?

Learning how to click perfect photos can be learned in a couple of different ways. The first way is the traditional way, using the camera. Taking a photo and then figuring out how to click it is very common for new photographers. But as you know, nothing is ever perfect. There are lots of useful things that you can do with your digital camera.

If you want to click a perfect picture, you need to know how to use a camera or mobile phone.

Click it perfectly

Whether you are using a phone camera or a professional camera, there are some things you need to consider to click a perfect photo.

  • Choose an effective focal point that is the main point of interest. It could be any subject, like from a tree, to a building or a person.
  • Follow “The rule of Thirds,” which states that you should place your most important elements off the center from the photo.
  • Next is to Create Depth; if you ignore this, your photos will end up feeling very flat or dull. The best thing to do to create Depth is to include some foreground elements, middle ground, and background.
  • Always Capture small details; it’s the little things that put life in the picture. Close up and capture the small, intricate, and delicate details can make for really compelling visual content.
  • I prefer to use Natural light, which gives a pleasing effect to the picture while using natural light to click the picture.
  • Don’t forget to Edit the picture you clicked to adjust every aspect which went missing while clicking the picture.

So, these are the fundamentals to remember while clicking a picture to make it perfect.

Now, clicking a picture on a phone camera or professional camera can vary. So, what needs to be followed, we will talk about that.


If you are clicking pictures using a professional camera, then remember these points.

  • Try to Look your subject in the eye; keeping direct eye contact can be engaging in a picture as it is in real life.
  • Instead of different scattered backgrounds, use a plain background that shows off the subject.
  • Bright sun can create unattractive deep and dark shadows. And if the sun is behind you, then use flash to make the perfect picture.
  • Move-in close to capturing the smallest detail rather than zooming in on your subject.
  • Move it from the middle, remember The rules of Thirds.
  • Know your flash range; taking pictures not beyond the maximum flash range will make the picture too dark.


  • Use Gridlines to balance your short and apply the Rule of Thirds.
  • Set your camera’s focus, tap where you want the focus to click a perfect picture.
  • Clean your phone’s lens to avoid a hazy or blurry effect on the picture.
  • Embrace negative space, which is the areas around and between the subject of an image.

Helpful tips:

  • If you are clicking pictures of people, one of the most common ways of taking a picture is standing still and not moving at all. Usually, people don’t like to pose this way for a picture. So, instead, they will point to something in the picture. Or sometimes, they will look right at the object in the picture without touching it. Whatever the case is, you have to be aware of how much you should move, and you have to follow the subject around the picture to keep clicking without missing anything.
  • The next thing you need to keep in mind is positioning, as we discussed the Rule of Thirds. You want to have your subject in the picture from all angles. Keep an eye on where the camera is pointing at all times, and make sure that your subject isn’t being blocked by something in the background. In other words, don’t click your subject in the middle of something that could get in the way of their image. If possible, put your subject in an open field or somewhere with plenty of room to move around.

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  • Another important tip on how to click perfect photos? Remember to never point the camera at your subject and hope for the best. 
  • Learning how to click pictures properly takes practice, and when you are finally good at it, there is nothing like seeing a perfect shot that clicked accidentally. And who knows, maybe somebody will be asking you how to click perfect photos someday. Just think about the creativity that comes with that.
  • When will you finally understand how to click perfect photos? You may be on your way to creating some of the most stunning images that capture your subject at eye level and show off their beautiful colours and textures. After you have clicked that one photo, your skills may be in demand for an interview for either a magazine or newspaper.

So, as you learn how to click perfect photos, keep practising. No matter how many photo tutorials and guides you find online, you are never too old to learn this fun and effortless skill. Now that you understand the tips and tricks on how to click perfect photos? Now that you know what makes the right image, all you have to do is practice. 

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